The Importance of Google Reviews. Now we arrive to the topic of Google reviews, and they’re important for many different reasons.

First of all, Google reviews make your business more trustworthy and credible. Smart online shoppers will go through the reviews and decide whether or not to make the purchase. That’s because they trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family. Google is one of the most popular and trusted search engines out there, which means Google reviews have meaning and people trust them.

Second of all, Google reviews influence people’s purchase choices. These reviews can be just what customers need to make the choice to buy something. When people go through Google reviews, they’re looking for confirmation that they’re making a good purchase and that this product or service will indeed fix their problem or make their lives better.

Positive Google reviews do exactly that. Which means if your business has bad reviews, people will choose to go with your competitors instead. According to research, 13% of consumers won’t purchase from businesses with 1 or 2 star ratings. So if you think reviews don’t matter; think again!

Last but not least, Google reviews improve your local search ranking, which is another term for local SEO. It’s important that you rank high on local search ranking because if customers can’t find your business, how can they make a purchase? Google reviews help with ranking and it directly affects your revenue. Google Maps reviews have a huge impact on the listing of your business and it will help it stand out.

Why You Should Buy Google Reviews

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