May 7, 2021
4 roof repair

Clicks and Position


As a small family company, 4 Roofs Ltd aims to provide a local, personal service to customers across London. 


As the company is small, they recognized that they need to do more to attract more clients. They were looking to increase the traffic through their website but also improve their Google ranking which would then help to increase sales and orders. 


We started working with 4 Roofs Ltd in May 2017 and we instantly recognized that they were in need of a blog and improved SEO backlinks. We also strengthened their local SEO so they appeared in more local search results. Furthermore, we enhance sales by implementing one Google Ads campaign to help drive sales and traffic to their website.


Through our strategies, we were able to enhance organic search traffic by 18% while they also benefit from a 70% increase in Google Ads traffic.

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