SEO Link Building Needs to be Natural

December 17, 2018

SEO link building is when you build backlinks to search engine optimize your website. If you can build a lot of backlinks on high-quality websites, it will be good news for your rank on Google. You’ll want to get to a point where people can search for a relevant keyword phrase and then find your website listed on the top of their search results. This is how organic traffic is generated. The more organic traffic you have going to your website, the more successful it is. 

SEO link building is not something that can be rushed. Sure, you can buy backlinks for SEO from a variety of different sellers on the internet. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you buy backlinks in moderation. In other words, don’t just go out and spend thousands of dollars on backlinks. Google is a very smart search engine and it doesn’t like it when websites show unusual activity like this. If it suddenly notices that your website went from having 0 backlinks to 1 million backlinks within just 1 week, that will be a red flag in the system. 

When you get backlinks, it must be more natural. This means you’ll want to obtain a few high-quality backlinks every week. For instance, let’s say you find an SEO link building vendor who sells just 1 to 3 backlinks on popular blog websites that are in your niche. This will be a good SEO strategy because you’ll be building backlinks at a steadier pace. Google will pick up on that and start ranking your site higher in their system. After a few months of steady backlink building, Google will treat your website as an authority in its niche. This is how you get the best ranking and more organic traffic.

If you start getting other people linking to your website without you asking them to do it, then you’ll know you’re successful at SEO. But this doesn’t just happen because you build enough backlinks and gain popularity. You must also produce high-quality content that others would want to link to. Otherwise, no webmaster is going to want to link to a boring website because it will ruin their own reputation too. 

In conclusion, stay away from link building services that offer to blast your URL address to hundreds or thousands of other websites. This will make a disaster out of your SEO practices. Instead, stick with a limited number of quality backlinks at a steady rate. 

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