Why Loading Speed Matters. It’s also important to speed things up. We’ve all clicked on a Google search result and had to wait for ages for the page to load. If you’re like me, what you do when this happens is you go back to the search results and choose a different page.

Speed Up WordPress

Google knows we do this because they understand how annoying slow-loading pages are. That’s why they consider speed as a ranking factor, which means that to have a better ranking on Google search results, you need to make your website faster. We can help you do that! But first, let’s understand why loading speed is so essential.

Loading speed is vital for three main reasons:

1. Google takes loading speed into consideration when ranking pages.

2. Most people will close your website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. This means you lose visitors and money.
3. Slow sites are frustrating and a negative user experience is terrible for business.

Once we get in there and make your site faster your visitors will be happy and they will love your site. Google will rank you higher and your sales, revenue, and ad clicks will skyrocket! Contact us now to speed up your WordPress.