Which is More Important: the Quality or Quantity of Backlinks?

September 26, 2022

Backlink quality is a significant ranking factor according to many marketers. There’s no need to be concerned about the number of backlinks since the ones you get come from high-domain-authority websites.
Those who advocate for the number of backlinks are in the other corner. They claim that the quantity of backlinks you generate is far more significant than the quality of those backlinks. They would even go so far as to suggest that the quality of the backlinks is unimportant.
We’re going to put an end to this discussion today. Or, to put it more accurately, until Google comes out with its next algorithm update.

What are quality backlinks?

A quality backlink comes from a high domain authority site that has both search engine and user trust. In other words, people trust the website- not just robots.
The more reputable a website is and the higher its domain authority, the stronger the link, according to this viewpoint. The more authoritative the domain, the more important a backlink from it is for your rankings. A ranking (DR in Ahref) of 60 to 100 is excellent, 40 to 50 is okay, and anything less than 40 isn’t good. Read more about the characteristics of quality backlinks in this blog article.
If you are looking to generate reputable backlinks, begin by constructing links from well-known websites in your field that hold a high domain authority.

The benefits of quality backlinks

The benefits of high-quality backlinks are clear—they improve domain authority and SEO rankings. You won’t have to worry about impairing your rankings by establishing a connection with a spam website when you use these backlinks.
In simpler terms, quality backlinks are useful because you understand what you’re receiving. You may be confident that the connections you’re developing are high-value and will eventually produce passive visitors.

The drawbacks of quality backlinks

Quality backlinks are good for your SEO, but they can be time-consuming to get. All of those backlinks will take a long time to develop unless you’re an already-established firm with high domain authority and excellent rankings.
That is the trouble with high-quality backlinks. While they are extremely valuable, getting them and maintaining them is considerably more difficult. And high-commitment traffic will generally be generated in small quantities.
When it comes to high-quality links, you’ll typically have fewer of them since it’s difficult to develop more than a few backlinks on prominent domain authority sites. Many firms believe they don’t have the time to create these connections.

What are quantity backlinks?

Now you know what good backlinks are. You understand why they’re valuable, how they aid your SEO and the difficulties with them.
But what about those who believe that the amount of backlinks is far more vital than their quality? Is it true that they are correct? And if so, why do they think so? Let’s start with what they mean by “quantity of backlinks.”
In general, when people discuss ways to increase website traffic, they don’t mean creating numerous backlinks from low-quality websites. They imply that they’re more concerned with obtaining backlinks from low domain authority or medium domain authority sites that are somewhat trustworthy.
The low quality of these links is not a deterrent for them- they are more focused on getting the link itself without concerning themselves with factors such as anchor text and relevancy. These people are more interested in getting links than in the quality of the links. Consequently, they produce a lot of traffic that is not very committed.

The benefits of quantity backlinks

There are several benefits to building a lot of links without concentrating too much on their quality. It reduces the amount of time it takes to complete your task. You can quickly and simply construct links to your website without worrying about the connections themselves.
There’s no debating that these connections will assist your rankings. Most of the time, they’ll get you through the ranks faster than focusing on quality alone.
The number of referring domains is, in fact, directly linked to how high a website ranks on Google. The term “referring domains” is used to describe the number of outside sources linking to your website. This is different from the actual number of links because it takes into account how many unique URLs are referencing your domain. But it’s not just about the number of referring domains. It’s also about the number of backlinks you have overall. Link-building strategies that focus on quantity are definitely not a waste of time.

The drawbacks of quantity backlinks

If you prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to backlinks, here’s what will happen.
If you’re not careful, you could create backlinks from spammy websites, hurting your own search engine optimization in the process.
While you build a large number of links, reliant on quantity rather than quality, they’ll all be less valuable. It’s not always negative, but it’s something to keep in mind.
Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of having multiple backlinks, you can use this information to make an informed decision for your website. Keep in mind that while there is some risk involved, the potential rewards could be great for your site.

Which is better: the quality or quantity

Neither one is better. Although it might not be what you want to hear, both link-building strategies have their purpose. Depending on the business, either quantity or quality may be more effective.
When you reach the end of your decision-making process, you’ll likely want to choose a middle-of-the-road solution.
In fact, the worst thing you can do is fall all the way to one side or another. The SEO experts are in the middle, searching for a lot of medium-quality backlinks.
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